Jenkins Rising

Cue Evil Laugh

This is hopefully a less (obviously) depressing Evil-Overlord sonnet. I need to try and post these a bit more regularly.

O World, I say, behold my great machine!
See that your tallest tower is made mine!
With this, I'm on the world-controlling scene;
With this, you'll see my every plan align.

It fires forth, at my command, a ray,
Refracted from the brightly-burning sun,
Which swiftly finds and easily burns away
Whatever I might wish to see undone.

I've named my threat; now let my price be known!
A million pounds of saffron, silk and gold,
An island ruled by me and me alone,
A vow to let me, undisturbed, grow old.

I know this is a price you'll never pay,
But it's distracted you this crucial day.

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