The Pass

Upon this crag a vulture perched and watched
The pass be taken and the orcs pour through;
At such a place, where such a fight was botched,
The omens tell, evil will rise anew.

After the fight, the dead unburied lay;
To make them rise again would not be hard.
And where there's strife, demons aren't far away;
This is a place that should have had a guard.

I'll have my masons hew cliffs stained with blood,
To build a fort that's famed to never fall.
No lightning strike, nor earthquake, fire nor flood,
Will breach this gate within the mountain wall.

Had evil claimed this pass, things would go ill.
Be glad that I'm the one who had the will.

To the Horizon

I wrote this for the September Commuter Challenge, and kept meaning to post it and never getting around to it:

Beneath my hand, the dead will rise and walk.
A thousand minions from a thousand graves.
They'll neither fear, nor care, nor smile, nor talk.
They'll only onwards march in endless waves.

They'll pile and crash against the stony walls.
Both cunning and device their strikes will lack.
And when each weary bulwark finally falls,
To mindless march they'll instantly go back.

The living they'll ignore, but not avoid —
Collide with them until they cannot stand.
Of conscience their trampling is devoid.
Their feet will smear the blood into the sand.

And finally, when all is swept away,
I'll rule an ocean empty, flat, and grey.