ROW80 Check-In, Week 3

This has actually been a pretty good week, right up until I ran late getting my check-in post (and linky) up.

I got another 900 words written on Friday, making a total of 2300 or so for this week. Given that I was 400 words behind on Monday, that puts me about 400 words ahead now, at the beginning of Week 4. The total word count of story (excluding poems, etc.) is a bit under 6300.

If I keep this up I might even hit my goal (12,000 words) early. I’m considering changing to editing if that happens, but we’ll see.

ROW80 Check-in, Middle of Week 3

I’m fairly sure midweek updates are supposed to be on Wednesday, but the check-in post isn’t up yet, and by the time I can post again it will be Thursday. I’ll edit in the linky once it comes out.

Here’s my linky for this week.

First of all, I have to say thanks to Laura and Shanjeniah for commenting on my last post. Knowing that they were confident I could make up the time really helped motivate me to sit down and get writing. I managed to keep to my plan of writing on Tuesday, and got 1,400 words done in a sitting — almost my entire quota for the week. I’m now very definitely caught up :-).

As well as getting back on schedule, I’m happy that I managed to write a scene that I was drawing a blank on before; I meant to write it last week, and just kept doing smaller and smaller intervals leading up to it.

So, overall, it’s been a good half-week.

Not precisely an Evil Overlord, but Dr. Frankenstein has many successors:

A monster I shall make, of many parts;
I'll take my fear to fail, and my hope,
My anger at the needless social arts,
A vow that I'll no longer simply cope.

Beneath the dark and circling brows of storm,
I'll mix in words that waken it to kill.
In all of passion's fire, keep it warm,
And waiting for the lightning, hold it still.

And when the spark of life has bridged the gap,
Twixt earthly body and the airy soul,
I'll what I've wrought in mortal vessel wrap.

I've found for it a simple child's doll.
Who plays with this will see their life destroyed
— will live in fancies, of the truth devoid.

ROW80 Check-in, Week 2

Linky for ROW this Sunday As to progress on my goals: well, I haven’t exactly been building momentum…

I missed the Wednesday check-in for this week, partly because the only writing I did was an 83-word poem, and partly because of spending two afternoons looking at a car I’m planning to buy.

I finally got my act together last night, and wrote another 1020 words, which puts me at about 1100 for the week, and 4100 overall. Only my second week, and I’m already 400 words behind.

But I should still be able to get back on track. I can write about 1000 words a session, so I really only need to sit down and write twice a week to reach my goal; picking one non-weekend afternoon to write on would manage that. I’ll say Tuesday; that’ll make sure I have something to report on Wednesdays.

Joining “A Round of Words in 80 Days”

I ran into A Round of Words in 80 Days on Wednesday, and after some indecision have decided to join up with it today. I’m in the process of settling into a new job, and now that I have regular time off (rather than being at university and potentially studying at any time), I definitely feel like writing more regularly.

I’ve decided to aim for 1,500 words a week (not counting this blog); mainly because I wrote 3000 this week, flush with the energy of starting a new story, and it seems reasonable to aim for half of that as an average. This translates into about 12,00018,000 words over the 80-day period (technically slightly less, but twelve thousand seems like a good round number to aim for). I have no idea whether I can achieve that, but it’s probably more likely if I make it an explicit goal.

I’m not sure how the Evil Overlord Sonnets will be affected by this. I will be counting them towards the Round of Words, and I do aim to keep posting them fortnightly; but I suspect I may run out of ideas at some point. Hopefully, doing the Round of Words will get me writing enough that I will have something to go on with.

As to checking in for today: I’ve written 3020 words this week before I decide to join, which I’m counting as progress for this first week.
Here’s my check-in linky for today.

Correction: Fixed the overall goal to be based on 1500 words a week instead of 1000.

Victims of Time Travel

Ever wonder what happens to the people who weren’t born because
a change to the timeline was fixed?

I travelled back in time, to see the past.
I erred. And thus, I let the future change.
But, staying undefeated to the last,
To bring my future back, I did arrange.

But not without adventures long to tell;
And not without the aid of willing friends,
Who, knowing it would doom them full and well,
Did aid me in my timeline-changing ends.

And thus, when I returned I dug a grave,
And over it I set their names in stone.
To honour those who, more than I, were brave.
That lives now never lived won't end unknown.

Yet I have back the life I had before;
What is this thing I've lost forevermore?