Joining “A Round of Words in 80 Days”

I ran into A Round of Words in 80 Days on Wednesday, and after some indecision have decided to join up with it today. I’m in the process of settling into a new job, and now that I have regular time off (rather than being at university and potentially studying at any time), I definitely feel like writing more regularly.

I’ve decided to aim for 1,500 words a week (not counting this blog); mainly because I wrote 3000 this week, flush with the energy of starting a new story, and it seems reasonable to aim for half of that as an average. This translates into about 12,00018,000 words over the 80-day period (technically slightly less, but twelve thousand seems like a good round number to aim for). I have no idea whether I can achieve that, but it’s probably more likely if I make it an explicit goal.

I’m not sure how the Evil Overlord Sonnets will be affected by this. I will be counting them towards the Round of Words, and I do aim to keep posting them fortnightly; but I suspect I may run out of ideas at some point. Hopefully, doing the Round of Words will get me writing enough that I will have something to go on with.

As to checking in for today: I’ve written 3020 words this week before I decide to join, which I’m counting as progress for this first week.
Here’s my check-in linky for today.

Correction: Fixed the overall goal to be based on 1500 words a week instead of 1000.

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