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ROW80 Check-in, Week 4

Here’s my check-in linky for the fourth week of A Round of Words in 80 days.

Once again, I’ve followed a good week with a bad one. Due mainly to poor sleeping patterns, I didn’t get writing until Friday (hence, again, no mid-week check-in). I wrote 160 words then, before deciding I wasn’t getting anywhere and giving up, so they probably don’t count. Since I planned to be away from home today, I deliberately took time to write on Saturday, and did get about 840 words then.

Along with a sonnet of about 100 words, this puts me at 950 or so for the week. That’s further behind than I was for Week 2, which I’m mainly blaming on a poor sleeping pattern.

I did come out of last week ahead, but I agree with Candice Abraham that it isn’t a good idea to use extra words from previous weeks as an excuse to slack. Of course, by assuming I can catch up the extra words next week, I’m effectively ‘borrowing’ words from the future, which is arguably the same thing. I would try to discuss that point, but I can’t afford to stay up any longer.


One response to “ROW80 Check-in, Week 4”

  1. Sleep deprivation is a serious energy drain. I am not surprised you are struggling. Whatever is keeping you awake, I hope you’re able to identify it, knock it on the head and enjoy peace and productivity.

    Best wishes for a better week.

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