Jenkins Rising

A Valentine’s Day Sonnet

Last week I realised two things: I was due for another sonnet around Valentine’s Day, and the sonnet is traditionally a form of love poetry. Hence this piece of writing.

A heart that beats has not yet turned aside.
A tongue that still can speak might not refuse.
Live through the moment and enjoy the ride;
Let what has been make up for what you lose.

Don't clutch the friends you have, the life you live.
Seek greener grass! Aim for a brighter star!
In each new love, have all your heart to give,
And swear to keep the faith when you're afar.

Live so you'll know they never will forget
What you once were, or who you've now become.
Ask for "not much", but treasure what you get,
And brighter shine to know your time will come.

[Ignore the whole of what is said above,
For evil things can nothing know of love.]

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