ROW80 Check-in, Middle of Week 6

Last check-in I admitted I was in a pattern of good and bad weeks. Either I spoke to soon, or admitting it is enough to break the pattern: I got 1,500 words written on Tuesday, so whatever happens now, I’ve fulfilled my quota for the week. On the other hand, both this check-in and my last were late, so there is still room to improve there.

Now that I’m running ahead for the second week in a row, I have to think about how I’m applying Candice’s “no rollover words” rule. My inclination is to let words from the previous week roll over provided I wouldn’t be using them to make up for a bad week — that way, I can still feel proud of getting ahead (or know to up my goals), but it doesn’t encourage me to slack off.

Speaking of not slacking off, I’m aiming for another thousand words by the weekend. Doing my whole quota at the beginning of the week, and then nothing, seems like it would be just as bad as using last week to make up for this one.

Here’s my linky for this week.

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