ROW80 Check-in, Week 7

(Linky for this week)

I got another 900 words written today, making a total of 2,800 words’ progress on my story this week. Along with two sonnets and another poem, that’s over three thousand words, putting me well ahead of my quota. This is my highest word count yet, beating even the first week of ROW80, before I actually joined.

Even that has its downsides, though: Kait Nolan’s picked next week for a challenge to write even more than this week. Obviously extending my goals is good, but I’m not sure word count is the way I want to extend them. I’ve got another project that could do with this sort of attention, and I need to expand the set of things I do in real life. Not to mention the reflection I added to my list last update.

On the other hand, I’ve got a lot of bits I’m looking forward to in this story, so maybe I will write that much.

I’m a bit suspicious of the quality of this week’s reflection; I’m not sure half a day is long enough to properly detach myself from the writing I’m supposed to be reflecting on. Of course, that’s only a problem because I put writing off until the day I had to update about having done it. If I picked a “writing day” for the second half of the week like I have with Tuesdays in the first half, I’d be more organised. That would also help with being away on weekends.

I’ll make Friday this second writing day.

Remembering my reflection from Thursday, I made sure to have a clear problem and solution this time around, but the scene still felt pretty flat. I felt as though I had too many descriptions of things that weren’t achieving much. Again, this is a problem I had with the Ivy and Team Jenkins story, so probably something I need to work on.

Looking back through my other writing, I can see two kinds of background detail I’m happy with: detail used to create suspense, and detail used to explain why something is important to someone; those probably aren’t the only cases. I suppose I just need to keep in mind why I’m putting these details in, and get rid of them if I don’t have a reason.

Good luck and happy writing!

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in, Week 7

  1. First of all, well done on the increased word count! And I think you can take Kait’s challenge to do 5-10% more any way you like.
    Second, just realised I’m on your blogroll! So exciting, thanks :D

  2. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Great work! I hope you are able to build on it and reap the rewards. Have an awesome week.

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