ROW80 Check-in, Middle of Week 8

Here’s my linky for this week.

This check-in is a mixture of good and bad; perhaps slightly more bad. I’ve only done about 880 words on my story so far, and I did them a day late. However, this was because I’d already written something else on Tuesday: around 1,300 words on heroism and alignment in the context of various ethical systems. Counting this as extra writing, I’ve done 2,100 words already, so breaking 3300 by Sunday is still within my reach.

My bigger concern is that I left this too late, and now will miss out on sleep due to the time spent writing this. At least tomorrow’s Friday.

As to reflection: firstly, it seems like doing ROW80 has made me more inclined to write. Both the pieces I wrote this week were spur-of-the-moment things: a to-do list that evolved into a discussion of the items on it, and a scene I suddenly got inspired to write while listening to music.

Secondly, I have a clearer idea of what the underlying problem in last weeks’ writing might have been. I got too deeply involved in the issues of my viewpoint character, to a point where I was more concerned with the angst she would encounter in the future than the situation she was in at the moment. I suspect that led to me writing scenes to “get them over with”, rather than enjoying them in and of themselves; and (to paraphrase Literature and Libation), a scene I wanted to skip when writing it is a scene readers will want to skip as well.

I ended up switching to the perspective of a less angsty character to try to get out of the mess. It seems to have helped, but mainly with the descriptions. The scene still seems pretty disjointed — there are problems, but no central one driving the action. Also, I was much happier with the dialogue I was writing at the beginning of last week; this scene seems relatively stilted.

I’ll have to think about how I can write dialogue better. One piece of advice I remember is to listen to people talking, which is probably best served by my becoming more social. But I also think it would help to get a better perspective on my characters’ purposes in a scene, and I’m not entirely sure how to do that.

As to my other 1,300 words: while it’s nice to have written them, I really need to do more research, and have a clearer point in mind, before I can write anything serious on that topic. It would probably also help if I were to read some philosophy less than fifty years old.

Good luck and happy writing!

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in, Middle of Week 8

  1. alberta says:

    Sometimes when I’m stuck on dialogue (esp if its characters outside my comfort zone – I list words. Words that belong to the emotion, action of what is needed. I folow this words to their meanings and then their meanings on the thesrus. I stop at 3 levels. Then with a page of words I study which ones would best convey what the character needs to be saying – depending on situation, gender etc. It often helps because it gives me a whole new vocabulary that I may not have thought of. We all have our favourite words – this losens mine up a bit – just a thought:) all the best:0

    Which philosophers do you read?

    • isikyus says:

      Listing words like that sounds like a good idea. Seems like it would go well with mind maps and things.

      Re philosophers: mainly Plato and Aristotle. I also tried to relate things to Nietzsche, but entirely on second-hand information, since I haven’t actually read any of his books.

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