ROW80 Week 8: Hurtling to a Stop

After a few good weeks, I’m falling behind again. All I’ve written since Wednesday is a sonnet. That puts me at around 2,200 words for the week, or around 1000 if you ignore the philosophy-related stuff.

I was away this weekend, but this time, I don’t think that’s the problem. Even though I didn’t get any writing done on Friday, I could have got lots done on Saturday. And the thing is, I did — just not on this project. I did some research for one of my other projects, finally got around to doing some programming, and was distracted mostly by things I thought were somewhat worthwhile.

In other words, the problem now is that I’m applying the habits ROW80 taught me to other projects. I remember someone else in ROW80 blogging about the importance of doing multiple projects (sorry that I can’t remember who; I’ll edit in a link if I do). Unfortunately, most of my other projects at the moment aren’t really writing-related, so I can’t easily transfer my goals over to them.

I could change my goals, but I do still really want to finish this story; it’s the longest thing I’ve ever written, and I want to prove to myself that I can follow something like this right through to the end (or at least the End of Part One).

I suppose I’ll keep trying to work on my WIP, but accept that I might be doing some of my 1500 words on other projects for the next few weeks.

Good luck and happy writing!

PS: Here’s my linky for the end of Week 8.

PPS: No reflection today, since I haven’t done the writing to reflect on; and I need to get to bed.

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Week 8: Hurtling to a Stop

  1. Shah Wharton says:

    Words are words! Good for you. Keep up the progress. X

  2. Some weeks are like that and 2200 words are nothing to sneeze at. I hope the upcoming week is more productive for you. Happy writing :)

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