If you’re going to rescue the world from evil rule,
you have to start somewhere.

(No ROW80 update today, since I haven’t done enough writing.)

I'll wander Dreamland's roads, and here abide.
I'll learn to live alone, and from the start.
With all that failed once now cast aside,
I'll only own the beating of my heart.

I'll take my loves and losses as they come.
I'll not naïvely wish for what can't be.
I only ask things even out in sum.
That in the dark, hope won't be lost to me.

I'll meet my share of nightmares, and of knaves.
I know there's nowhere left they have not been
But still, hope lives while any flame yet waves.
Someday the ashen hills can sprout with green.

I'll give my soul another chance to heal.
Perhaps I'll soon move on to what is real.

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