ROW80 Week 9: Recovering from a Stop

I’m not writing anywhere near as much as I was last week, but I am getting back into the swing of things. I only wrote 2 sonnets during the week, but then spent Friday evening writing a 2000-word comparison of grammar checking software. It’s not the kind of thing that could really lead anywhere — mostly just complaining about things the spelling checkers got wrong — but it was writing.

In addition, I did get nearly 900 words on my WIP on Sunday. Overall, this puts me at about 2,100 words of varying quality for this week. I definitely want to do more on my WIP, but that’s a number I can be happy with.

Before I go on to reflection, here’s my linky for this week.

I had trouble finding anything to complain about in what I wrote this week. There were details of wording I didn’t like, but mostly I was fairly happy with it. This has the effect of making me a bit paranoid about flaws I’m not spotting, especially since it doesn’t obviously seem to have the things I’ve noticed as good previously (conflict, controlled detail, and so on).

This particular scene is very dialogue-heavy, which might be why I can’t spot the conflict. I think it’s about the characters not being able to change their minds any more, and having to decide whether they’re in their adventure or not. That involves a lot of conversation, and I think my non-socialness might be contributing to problems. Firstly, I have no way of knowing whether what I’m writing makes sense; secondly, every way I have to communicate social situations feels as though it’s some clichéd thing I got from another writer.

Maybe I just have to live with the fact that I’ll never be much good at this kind of thing. But even though I aim to write fantasy, I seem to write a lot more dialogue than I do action, so it probably does matter. And experience talking to people is a lot easier to get than the kind of experience that would apply to action, so that may be a good thing.

Good luck and happy writing!

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