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Reflection (ROW80 Week 6)

Most of my writing for this week was recording a dream. I’m not completely certain what I expect to use it for, if anything, so I’m not sure how I can reflect on it. Instead, I’m reflecting on my latest attempt at those research notes.

That involved writing two fairly tight sections, then a long discussion about (ironically) being sidetracked from my main point. Since I want this document to be fairly concise, that’s a problem. Naturally, I can edit it out; but if I never needed it in the first place, why did I take the time to write it?

The whole thing seemed pointless, since the tangent discussion entirely dismissed the original point. But now I wonder if I would have realised that without writing about it. So this is still reflection on the research, and maybe I shouldn’t have been reflecting on it.

This is therefore a fairly meta post. Especially since thinking about writing clearly makes me worry about the clarity of this reflection.

And seeing myself held back by that worry reminds me, again, that I need to separate writing from editing. Which explains why I can’t get my research report right; there’s no point trying to make my writing clear until I have bad writing to clarify. And I am working on that.


One response to “Reflection (ROW80 Week 6)”

  1. I actually spent a while this morning trying to transcribe as much of the dream I was having when I woke up as I could remember. Not sure yet what I’ll do with it, but it seemed like it might be kind of cool if I can pull it out of dreamland and make it make sense.

    I feel like I write a lot of pointless things sometimes, too, but I guess if I write it, it needed to be written, if only to get out of that thought spiral. I don’t know. Anyway, good luck with your writing and reflecting.

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