ROW80 Week 6: Reading horror at midnight

Week 6 (linky) was another fairly average week. I wrote about 1,600 words: 500 on research, 1000 recording a dream (it might be useful … :-] ), and a 100-word alliterative poem.

I’ve wanted to learn alliterative poetry for some time now, but I always seem to end up tacking alliteration onto a metre it’s not supposed to go with. This poem was closer than I’ve got before, but I’m still a long way from having any sort of fluency with the format.

I also got my reflection posted, and on time for once; this time it was reading that got relegated to the last few hours of Sunday.

I have now finished a book — Dracula, by Bram Stoker — but I put it down after midnight last night, and finished it today. Apropos of this posts’ title, I’m not sure whether being afraid to sleep or just up late was more of a problem.

There were a few things about the book that surprised me, but I particularly liked the way the fortunes of the characters were constantly changing. Half the time they were clearly on top of the situation and ready to defeat Dracula, then something unexpected would happen and they would be suddenly losing again, and vice versa.

Partly because of this, partly because I overestimated the complexity of Dracula’s plans, and partly because I’d picked up a wrong idea about the plot from somewhere, the ending managed to be completely unexpected.

Hopefully I can learn something from this about writing suspense.

Good luck and happy writing!

4 thoughts on “ROW80 Week 6: Reading horror at midnight

  1. You didn’t dream about vampires, did you? :)

    Good job on your word count.

  2. isikyus says:

    The dream I wrote down was earlier, but yes, I did dream about vampires. They were fairly understated, though.

  3. Eden says:

    I’ve been interested in reading Dracula for a while now–I’m glad you wrote this mini-review. Thanks.

    The word count is good–better still that you’re getting a grasp on a form you’re interested in. Yay for alliteration!

  4. isikyus says:

    Thanks! Glad to hear you found my thoughts on Dracula useful.

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