Reflection (ROW80 Week 8)

The most significant writing I’ve done this week was participating in a poetry slam: we had four rounds, writing a poem on a phrase given by the audience each round.

Mostly, I just used my usual iambic pentameter, but I did try an alliterative poem in one of the rounds. It didn’t really work that well.

On re-reading, that particular entry seems a bit disjointed; the central idea kept changing as I was writing it. While we were writing to a time limit, I’m not sure more time would have helped; I think I would just have thrown the poem away under normal circumstances.

However, I do think a lack of practice was part of the problem. I spent longer looking for words to alliterate than I did with the rhyming poems, and there’s quite a few points where the alliteration seems to be at the wrong point in the stress.

Research would also help. I’m basing what I’ve written so far on half-remembered rules from a library book, and I think I’m forgetting some of the stress patterns I can use.

I’m not normally one for research via YouTube, but this might be a good time to use it. Aside from anything else, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard alliterative poetry read out.

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