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#ROW80 Round 3 Goals


My biggest concern with what I did in Round 2 is that it was too “diffuse”; the goals I was successful on were all relatively easy things, and I worry that my other goals suffered for focussing on them.

To avoid that this round, I want to make all my goals more focussed on finishing what I started. For writing, I’ll aim for 1,000 words a week on Conkers or another narrative WIP, and to work on something non-narrative (sonnets, research, etc.) at least one day a week. That should keep me on track to finishing something.

For reading, my goal is to finish the books I gave up on last round. These are Nietzche’s Beyond Good and Evil, Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers, and and JM Thompson’s The French Revolution. That requires me to read a book every twenty days; if I finish them faster, I’ll add some of the other books I’m half-way through.

I’ll keep my reflection goal the same, with the proviso that if I haven’t done any writing by Saturday, I’ll find something old to reflect on rather than just giving up.

Finally, there’s a local poetry competition I like to submit to; I’ll make it a goal to submit at least two poems before they close at the end of August.

These goals are scaled down quite a bit from last round; but if I can actually meet them this time, I will still be making progress.

Good luck and happy writing!


4 responses to “#ROW80 Round 3 Goals”

  1. It is easier to focus on the easy things instead of facing the harder ones first. Good luck this time around, especialluy with reading a book every twenty days. I reckon that’s doable if you are a fast reader.

  2. I love the diversity of your goals. You sound as eclectically-interested as I am. All the best for Round 3!

  3. You can do it :) Taking on smaller goals is the way to go, It’s great to have a big goal but it can get so overwhelming sometimes. Good luck this round I know we’ll have more successes this time :)

  4. I like your goals…they seem to cover a breadth of activity without being excessive. As for Little Women…read it as a kid and liked but seem to recall it was a bit of a slow read. Haven’t read any of the others you mentioned. Good luck! :-)

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