#ROW80 Round 3, Week 1

This is my first check-in for #ROW80 Round 3 (linky).

My writing goals, at least, I’ve achieved. I wrote 1,200 words on minor scenes for Conkers; while they weren’t exactly vital scenes, they have helped me get an idea of what I know about the characters, and what needs more investigation. I also wrote a sonnet, and made my first attempt at writing a concrete poem.

Reading hasn’t progressed so well. I managed about fifty pages on The French Revolution; OK, but not enough to finish it in the three weeks I have.

Poetry entries (and a whole host of other things I need to get done) are being held up by the fact that my printer is broken. I’ll count progress on that if I can get the printer working by Sunday.


My largest piece of writing this week is one minor character’s reflection on fighting off monsters. This particular character is supposed to be an obnoxious follower of rules, so she feels quite appalled at having stepped in before legitimate authorities.

The problem is, I can’t work out why. I really want the character to object to the situation on principle, but that isn’t what’s coming through in my writing.

To try and work out a way around this, I ended up looking up a corresponding card in a Tarot book. That suggested that the kind of insistence on principle I want goes hand-in-hand with devaluing emotions.

So the answer is that the character isn’t emotionally appalled by her actions, and that’s exactly what worries her. Rightly or wrongly, she thinks fighting them as she has makes her a monster as well.

Good luck and happy writing!

2 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3, Week 1

  1. Anna Stewart says:

    Sounds like you’re doing really well to me, getting a lot done, etc. I’m intrigued by your Tarot card research…I find the tarot cards interesting anyway…never really thought about using them with writing. Just a thought re: obnoxious rule follower from someone who tends toward the goody goody side of things…the need to follow rules has a fear component as well as a faith component…at least for me. A great faith that rules are important and will ultimately result in a greater good than we would otherwise come to alone…hand in hand with fear of consequence…and often a worst case scenario consequence. And yes we know we’re obnoxious. Lol!

  2. isikyus says:

    The fear component was something that came up in the scene, but only in a limited way. Your suggestions are giving me some ideas of other kinds of consequence I could use that would help the scene.

    Thanks for commenting!

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