#ROW80 Week 4: Limited

I’ve been happy with my progress for the previous weeks of this round of #ROW80 (linky). I’m still happy with what I did this week, but not as optimistic. There’s a work deadline looming, and I’m having to find time from elsewhere to put towards that.

Even so, I managed quite a bit of writing during the week: almost 2000 words towards Conkers, and over 1000 on a new scene for Jenkins Rising, as well as the usual sonnets and miscellany. I had hoped to post the Jenkins Rising scene here, but it ended up depending on things I haven’t established yet.

Other goals went less well; I read about 60 pages of The French Revolution, made a half-hearted attempt to organise poems for the competition, and didn’t manage to do reflection.

I take heart from the fact I’m still exceeding my writing goal. Even if I can’t manage other goals when work needs me, I should at least get my 1000 words in.

Good luck and happy writing!

One thought on “#ROW80 Week 4: Limited

  1. Tia Bach says:

    I applaud you for focusing on the words. I try to hard to manage all the other stuff and end up with no words. Good for you!

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