#ROW80 Week 9: From Afar

Here’s my #ROW80 linky for Week 9. Perhaps because I’m on holiday at the moment, it’s been a fairly good week.


I read about 70 pages of The Three Musketeers, and the last 100 pages of Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil.

I started reading Nietzsche’s book with a specific question in mind: how would ethics work in a story with distinct “heroes” and “normals”, such as a superhero setting?

The book had a broader focus than I thought, and didn’t really answer it.

It did, however, get me thinking about and finding examples of power as a motivation for things. I don’t think I ever understood how someone could want power “for its own sake” before.


This also went well (about 1000 words on Conkers, and a few hundred more on another WIP), although I didn’t keep up with my commitment to characterisation exercises.

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#ROW80 Week 8: Sideways Progress

I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished in my eighth week of #ROW80 (linky), but it hasn’t moved me much closer to my goals.

Most of my writing this week went towards my research project, instead of fiction: over 8,000 words of research notes, and about 300 words discussing results. The 300 words isn’t much, but it is the beginning of an actual report (as opposed to just notes).

It’s also an improvement on my last attempt at the report, which just turned into reflection on the project. I calculated my results first this time, which seems to have helped. :-)

As to my actual goals…

I kept to last week’s commitment, and my poetry competition entries now only need posting. I also read 20 pages of The Three Musketeers, and wrote about 600 words towards Conkers.

I had hoped to work more seriously on characterisation this week, but it hasn’t happened.

Rather than keep ignoring that, I’ll change my writing goal for Week 9: do at least one characterisation exercise each day, and other writing if time permits.

Good luck and happy writing!

#ROW80 Week 7: Better…

This is my week 7 check-in for ROW80 (linky).

While I’m still busy at work, I did get back up to my previous level with ROW80. For writing, I did 1,500 words on Conkers, and worked on my entries to the poetry competition. With any luck, I’ll have those in by next week.

And my reading advanced another 50 pages, this time in Beyond Good and Evil. Nietzsche certainly makes a lot of interesting points, although I haven’t yet been able to find a coherent thread through it all.

That just leaves reflection. I’ve been complaining about my characters’ voices for the past few weeks, but I tried a few words and phrase structures I wouldn’t normally use this week, and it seems to have helped.

I didn’t do so well with character motivations, though.

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The Average Hero

Time was, I found adventures everywhere:
One moment home, and duty called me forth.
So many times, it was too much to bear,
And every small request would earn my wrath.

I realised it was foolish to go on;
My doing good would leave me meaning ill;
I swore that no more uniforms I'd don.

Then came a foe that only I could kill.

I said I'd serve again, but knew I lied.
I told myself this fight would give me peace.
Though hard I tried, I faltered.
                                                Many died
Before I mustered will to match the beast.

    Now as a coward I am widely scorned,
    And since I left, each day has empty dawned.

#ROW80 Week 6: Nadir

I’ve picked the word “nadir” (opposite of “zenith”) for this #ROW80 update (linky) for two reasons.

On the one hand, reaching a nadir means you’ve fallen a long way from what you were aiming for.

On the other hand, it’s the lowest possible point; so from here, things start to improve.

This week was certainly a low point; I only managed 500 words, on a new story idea. I’ve used an online-forum format, which I suspect might help with characterisation; time will tell.

I also sent The French Revolution back to the library, with a hundred pages still to go. I’d been pushing myself to get it finished before the time ran out, which was probably a mistake.

But with my work schedule getting back to normal, and a new book to dive into, I might even keep up to all my goals this week. :-)

Good luck and happy writing!

Hero of the Hour

I've fought the villains of the world, and won;
My monument in every town will stand.
A new and virtuous era, I've begun.

But I've regrets no-one will understand.

As prophesied, a hero I became:
First was I pure; secondly, I fought —
In battle gear worked hard to earn my fame,
And brought the count of minions down to nought.

But now, I find there's nowhere left to turn.
The world in need of saving, I have saved.
To life that once I lived, I can't return:
I still want things that, leaving home, I craved.

'Twere better, had my death been by the sword.
These years of peace will bring me no reward.

(The hour was around six in the morning, I think.)