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#ROW80 Week 6: Nadir

I’ve picked the word “nadir” (opposite of “zenith”) for this #ROW80 update (linky) for two reasons.

On the one hand, reaching a nadir means you’ve fallen a long way from what you were aiming for.

On the other hand, it’s the lowest possible point; so from here, things start to improve.

This week was certainly a low point; I only managed 500 words, on a new story idea. I’ve used an online-forum format, which I suspect might help with characterisation; time will tell.

I also sent The French Revolution back to the library, with a hundred pages still to go. I’d been pushing myself to get it finished before the time ran out, which was probably a mistake.

But with my work schedule getting back to normal, and a new book to dive into, I might even keep up to all my goals this week. :-)

Good luck and happy writing!


4 responses to “#ROW80 Week 6: Nadir”

  1. I hear you about the nadir, Isikyus, as I have been there. Your perspective is good, seeing the nadir as “the only place to go is up.” Sometimes the nadir is a good place to let things percolate, too.

  2. There are highs and lows in writing, and you’re in a great mindset – the only way is up. Good for you!

    Just a thought. Maybe you need a break or something, to refill the well, and then come back to the writing. If I can’t get to write, it means something else in my life is out of balance, and my writing declines as a result.

    All the best this coming week, anyway. Take care.

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