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#ROW80 Week 7: Better…

This is my week 7 check-in for ROW80 (linky).

While I’m still busy at work, I did get back up to my previous level with ROW80. For writing, I did 1,500 words on Conkers, and worked on my entries to the poetry competition. With any luck, I’ll have those in by next week.

And my reading advanced another 50 pages, this time in Beyond Good and Evil. Nietzsche certainly makes a lot of interesting points, although I haven’t yet been able to find a coherent thread through it all.

That just leaves reflection. I’ve been complaining about my characters’ voices for the past few weeks, but I tried a few words and phrase structures I wouldn’t normally use this week, and it seems to have helped.

I didn’t do so well with character motivations, though.

The protagonists of Conkers have powers that make them supernaturally skilled at certain things, but cause some mental problems. The first one I wrote (berserk fighting) took over control of the user’s body, which was a good source of problems; so I tried to have the next one (stealth) work the same way. It didn’t go quite so well.

The berserker’s problems were exacerbated by having a completely different personality when she wasn’t fighting, and I’ve been planning the story on the assumption the other characters would be similar mismatches with their powers.

Unfortunately, the stealthy character isn’t brave, so he hasn’t found suddenly escaping things to be much of a problem. And I suspect stealth will require more planning to actually do interesting things — or get the user into trouble.

The idea that comes to mind is to make the character overconfident: have him try and do something sneaky, and find out he’s not actually skilled enough to do it, even with the power.

That might contrast better with fearfulness, too, now I think about it.

Good luck and happy writing!


One response to “#ROW80 Week 7: Better…”

  1. Here’s a thought about your stealth character, Isikyus… Have him/her be squeamish or prudish. Given that a lot of places that one who deals in stealth would involve hiding is dirty niches or watching people in private moments….

    Sometimes the best “opposite” or conflict comes from a less direct approach…

    And I’ve heard that about Nietzsche to (although, I confess, I never got into his works far enough to be sure).

    Congrats on catching up and moving forward.

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