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#ROW80 Week 11: Really, this time!

I somehow managed to forget about Week 2, making all my week counts this round out by one. So this is my real Week 11 linky.

That confusion actually had a positive effect: because I thought I only had half a week left, I hooked in this week and made meaningful progress. On Conkers, I wrote another 1,400 words, and I’ve also gone back to some of the alliterative poetry I’ve been working on.

For reading, I finished Ruth Rendell’s The Vault. I particularly liked the details and suspense in the opening narration leading up to the discovery of the body.

I still didn’t manage reflection, but I can live with that. Seeing as the round ends this week, I’ll make getting some reflection done by then a particular goal. Maybe that will help get me going again for next round.

Good luck, and happy writing!


One response to “#ROW80 Week 11: Really, this time!”

  1. Great to hear that you made a bunch of progress on Conkers, Isi. It’s a darned good start.

    And of course, you’ll be getting that steady progress thing going too. :-D

    You know you can do it.

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