Jenkins Rising

Characterisation (again…)

I was worrying about other things in my writing last week, and mostly forgot the character-related issues. I think the dialogue came out worse as a result, but I feel as though the characters have improved as I focussed less on them.

For the first story arc, I had very clear ideas of what each one was like: one squeamish, another almost revelling in gore, and so on. That broke in the next arc, when they had new problems and acted differently. And what I’ve written this week has characters acting quite differently to those first impressions.

However, I’m starting to think this isn’t actually a bad thing.

A character only defined by one trait is probably going to be one-dimensional. Since I expect Conkers to be bad, I didn’t think that was worth worrying about yet. But that seems to have led me to making the characters one-dimensional, forcing them to behave the same in all situations.

Maybe I have to let my characters grow a bit more, before I try and prune them again.


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