All is not Lost

The daily prompt for today says to write a poem
about “BROKEN”.

I've found the crystal, forged by ancient kings —
Unparalleled the power it can grant.
I pick it up.
                    My phone insistent rings.
To answer it, I hold the gem aslant.

The call informs me things do not go well:
My base besieged, my agents out of reach.
The tower built to hold the crystal fell,
And broke the wall. There's fighting in the breach.

"All is not lost." I plan a swift retreat.
"Escape it, if you can." (May some survive!)
For me, holding the gem, there's no defeat;
I hold it up — it almost feels alive.

And as I go to leave, it starts to twist,
Flies from my hand, falls, smashes.
                                                                  I'll desist.

2 thoughts on “All is not Lost

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