#ROW80 Week 10: Sufficiency

In contrast to my last check-in, my progress this week was evenly distributed among my goals.

I did write five days out of seven — at least, if you count the one poem fragment I only recorded as audio :-). Most of that wasn’t Conkers, but it got 1,200 words on Saturday.

And to try and catch up on my reading goal, I finished two books this week. One was Steven Ericson’s Gardens of the Moon, which I’ve been reading for the past two weeks; the other was Agatha Christie’s first published novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Both those books did a good job of confusing me about who the villain was:

The Affair at Styles had the web of clues I expected of a detective story, with each new one changing how all the previous ones fit together.
The facts were clearer in Gardens of the Moon; but it showed the perspective of characters from every group, so it was hard to think any specific one was in the wrong.

Oh, and here’s the linky for this week.

Good luck and happy writing!

One thought on “#ROW80 Week 10: Sufficiency

  1. Eden says:

    I love books that lead me on emotional goose-chases. Thanks for the mini reviews, Isi. And good to hear about the extra writing being done, especially that work on Conkers.

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