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ROW80 Week 12: Worth

I’ve been on holiday since the 20th (hence no Week 11 post). It wasn’t as conducive to writing as I expected, partly because I wanted to make the most of seeing relatives I don’t see any other time of year.

As such, I only wrote one day last week, and 3 days in Week 11. A total of 700 words went towards Conkers.

I did finish reading another book, though: Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson. I especially liked the way he created suspense.

Whereas Dracula just has a cycle of plans and counter-plans, Snow Crash has counter-plans the heroes don’t spot in time, so they have to take a lot of risks to recover. And not every risk pays off.

Round Summary

(Here’s the linky for other peoples’ summaries.)

While I wasn’t happy with my last few weeks, it looks like they’ve been nicely balanced out by my work early on.

I wrote a total of 12,200 words of narrative — just over my 1000 words/week goal, even without counting the Mary Sue research. My number of writing days fluctuated quite a bit, but it averaged out just under five a week.

Reading was exactly on target — 6 books in 12 weeks, or one a fortnight.

So my only real regret is reflection, which I only did four weeks out of twelve. I probably shouldn’t have let myself get away with only doing it every second week to start out.

All in all, it’s good progress. Conkers hasn’t got a complete draft yet, but I’ve still got a few days until it’s a year old, so I’ll see how that goes.

Good luck and happy writing!


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