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ROW80 Week 2: Echo

My progress this round of ROW80 (linky) matches the model I set last week.

Once again, I wrote two scenes from my outline for Conkers, one scene for a future arc, and poetry on the other two days of the week.

I have had some new plot elements pop up, which might lengthen the story a bit; but it doesn’t look like it’ll be enough to stop me finishing the draft this round.

I also finished reading a book I started last week. — Agatha Christie’s Taken at the Flood. I’ve said a lot about Christie books already; the only new thing I noticed was the amount of time it took to set up all the characters’ relationships before the murder could happen and make sense.


One of the scenes I wrote this week was supposed to be the one where the characters decide to actually use their powers for something. It’s a scene I need to have for the story to work; but when I tried to write it, it ended up being a philosophical argument that doesn’t make any sense for the characters.

I think the problem was that I was making opinions and speeches too important to how this decision was made. In retrospect, I think the experience of being mugged should have been a bigger factor.

The problem is, the character still has to move from not wanting to be mugged again, to actually taking steps to stop it. But I think I’ve already got the scene that does that — where they discover the mugging was organised, not just a random incident.

I suppose this means the one I just wrote may not actually be necessary, with a bit of re-writing.

Good luck and happy writing!


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