ROW80 Week 3: First draft finished!

My progress this week of ROW80 (linky) wasn’t remarkable. I wrote my usual five days, and read two books. However, I only finished one new scene for Conkers.

That’s partly because I’ve been sick this weekend, and partly because I decided to switch to editing, and was using a lack of editing goals as an excuse for doing nothing.

Switch to Editing

There were two things that prompted this.

Firstly, I got my first feedback on my WIP, from the local writers’ group. They were positive about the overall ideas, but pointed out a lot of details I’d need to fix for the story to make sense.

Secondly, there’s the scene I wrote this week. It was supposed to be an epilogue, and it has established where a few of the characters end up.

However, it also includes a confrontation that feels too climatic to be tacked on at the end like that. At the same time, it doesn’t really have any connection to the main characters. And noticing that made me realise the villain in the actual climax doesn’t either.

The upshot is that I want to bring in these other characters much earlier, which means going back and rewriting things I wrote this time last year. And I might as well fix the details at the same time.

New Goals

Now that I’m editing, the scenes-per-week goal doesn’t fit very well. I like AmyBeth Inverness’s advice on counting editing, but I’d also like to include some measurement of progress more concrete than “write every day”.

Not to mention the fact that my scenes are very disorganised — they’re in a variety of text files with unhelpful names, and a few are still languishing in hardcopy notebooks. I’ll have a hard time finding what I want to edit if I don’t change that.

Hence, my new goals for work on Conkers are:

  • Do something towards re-writing Conkers (editing, outlining, or new scenes) at least three days a week;
  • Type up at least one hardcopy scene a week, until I run out; and
  • Have at least one chapter, of the second draft finished by the end of the round. I would also like to do a full outline — so I know which chapter it is — but I’m not sure how reliable it will be until more scenes are finished.

In addition, my other goals from the start of the round stand: read a book every two weeks; reflect on my writing each week; and write five days out of seven (which will now include editing).

Good luck and happy writing

P.S: I haven’t said anything about the two books. As this post is long enough already, I’ll try and post something about them tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Week 3: First draft finished!

  1. alberta says:

    I’m having same probs with editing – It is harder, I find, to keep to the point when I have no set ?s to follow – a word count at least gives one a feeling of something done

    So far I have used the different software as goals – so four scenes auto crit ‘ed or finished scenes printed for reading – but then it gets more difficult as you say.

    You seem to be on the job – best of luck:)

  2. A writer? Making excuses? ~LeGasp!~

    Counting how much editing one has done is hit-or-miss. I might spend an hour pecking at it while watching Downton Abbey, but actually get a lot done. Or I might turn off the TV and read through a few chapters without tweaking much at all. Then there are the chapters that get completely re-written, like when I discover that I hopped from one head to another and back again with no segue.

    Thanks for the link! My hubby still hasn’t discovered that I referred to him as my “Knight in Shining Tighty Whities” in that post lol!

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