ROW80 Week 7: Scarce

Here’s my ROW80 Week 7 linky.

I wrote exactly five days this week. Although I worked on Conkers on four of them, my re-reading progress wasn’t much: only another twenty pages, leaving thirty more to go.

On the bright side, I did do a fair bit of re-writing on the scene I typed up. And while I haven’t read another book yet, that’s mainly because I’m trying to read two at once.

I’ve also got an idea to get more re-reading done:

Often, I read the draft late at night, after turning off my computer, and that means I don’t have time to do much. But if I accept that, there’s no reason I can’t read a paragraph or two every night.

As such, I’m making “re-read every day” an extra goal for this week. We’ll see how that goes.

Good luck and happy writing!

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Week 7: Scarce

  1. Siri Paulson says:

    Baby steps are still headway. Keep up the good work!

  2. Beth says:

    I really like your organization that says this is Week 7 and here’s what I’m working on! Nice strategy to keep us focused on our goals. Mine seem to shift so much during the round. Another point you make is the value of re-reading. And just before bed means most likely your subconscious will keep working away all through the night.

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