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ROW80 Week 11 (really 12): Uncharted

(Other ROW80ers)

This wasn’t a momentous week.

I wrote two sonnets, and typed up my existing notes from the re-read of Conkers. And those still aren’t as organised as I would like.
While I did get some new insights into the characters, I didn’t get the clear lists of character possibilities and story issues I was aiming for.

Maybe I wasn’t going to.

I did start Conkers to be a learning experience, and that implies mistakes along the way — omelettes and eggs and all that.

With that in mind, I’ll use the last few days of the Round to focus on my next best option: try writing some stories in only dialogue (or with none at all), to get a better feel for how actions and dialogue fit together.

My concrete goal for the rest of the round is just to write each day.

Good luck and happy writing.

Update: The numbering actually is right (i.e. this is the Week 11 post). I got confused by the fact that I post my week summary on Monday of the following week, so my Week 11 post comes out on the first day of Week 12.


4 responses to “ROW80 Week 11 (really 12): Uncharted”

  1. Oh, do I know this feeling!

    I’m just getting underway with revisions for the first of several pantsed WIPs. It’s a LOT of work, and, for years (these go back to 2009!) I didn’t know which way to turn or what to do to find the story that was lost in the rubble of creation.

    Last spring, I found Rock Your Plot and Rock Your Revisions – and life got clearer.

    There was a lot involved in setting up a plan for this first novel, and I’m doing a near-complete rewrite…but now I know where I’m headed and why, and all the groundwork did just what I most needed – helped me to really learn my characters and their stories.

    Oh, and to find out that I had no real antagonist…

    They’ll be deeper and richer stories when I get through this process.

    Best yet, the books allow lots of room for play and spontaneity (I NEED those!), and they were only $2.99 each or my Kindle,

    They may or may not help with your particular tangles and writing style, but I thought I would suggest them as one reasonably inexpensive avenue that might give you some insight on where to go from here.

    In the meantime, writing every day is a very solid goal.

    Enjoy! =D

    • You’re probably right; in uncharted territory, a chart is exactly what I need.

      Rock Your Revision sounds pretty interesting — unfortunately, I’m not on the e-reader bandwagon just yet, but I’ll have to look into it. Or possibly try reading it on my phone.


  2. I admire your determination to write on a daily basis. I am getting better at writing each day. I struggle with wanting to do other things or not giving my writing all of my attention. Keep at it! You are doing great! :)

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