ROW80 Week 1: Fearful

All my ROW80 progress this week (other people’s) seems to be tied up with fear in some way.

Firstly, I finished reading Nineteen Eighty-Four on Monday evening. It was a lot easier to read the last third of the book, I think because the suspense of waiting for Winston to be captured was finally resolved.

I started reading it because I was worried about surveillance, but the frightening part was the idea of a dystopia as a kind of superorganism, which makes every member (even leaders) unhappy just for the sake of perpetuating the broken government.

I don’t think I’m explaining it very clearly. But it did inspire me to write a sonnet about something similar.

My second sonnet of the week was after I learned about Heartbleed, which could let a lot of websites that should have been secure get hacked. Think about all the money that goes through secure websites, and you see the problem.

But I must have thought about it a bit too long, because I tried to write a reasonably hopeful sonnet, and it ended up being about the end of the world.

On the bright side, I got my two sonnets done. :-)

Good luck and happy writing!

3 thoughts on “ROW80 Week 1: Fearful

  1. I’m married to an IT guy, and he’s been talking about Heartbleed a lot. It’s scary to think about something like that, which affect so many sites and so many people–pretty much anyone who’s ever touched a computer–for so long. It makes me feel a little less safe.

    On a more pleasant note, good luck with ROW80 and your sonnet-writing!

  2. Congrats on achieving your goals of finishing reading 1984 and writing 2 sonnets this week! I liked that book. Have you read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World? Also a classic dystopian scifi. Am curious: why sonnets? And are you writing Shakespearean sonnets? Petrarchan? Spenserian? Any/all of the above?

    • isikyus says:

      I haven’t read Brave New World yet. Some day…

      You can see my older sonnets in the “Evil Overlord Sonnets” in the sidebar — they’re pretty much all Shakespearean. I mainly do sonnets because it’s the one form of poetry I’ve got a handle on so far.

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