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ROW80 Week 4: Parallelism

Week 4 of ROW80 has turned out fairly well.

The both-books-at-once strategy for my reading goals is working so far: I read two chapters in the writing book the day I got it, as well as exactly 20 pages of Titus Groan earlier in the week (94 pages are left).

At this rate, I’ll finish the main content of the craft book pretty soon — it only has six chapters. However, it’s got plenty of worksheets in the appendices, so there’ll be plenty to go on with once I’ve read the chapters.

My writing goal is also up to speed: two sonnets, and some miscellaneous prose.

I should probably increase my word count goals, but I’m reluctant to do that until I’ve got my overseas trip sorted out. Some of the bookings sorted out, but I’m hoping to finalize the rest of my accomodation in the next two weeks.

To keep that process moving, I’m making ‘progress on accomodation bookings’ an extra goal for this week.

Good luck and happy writing!


2 responses to “ROW80 Week 4: Parallelism”

  1. I haven’t written much more about the overseas trip yet. I’m planning to go to Europe — England first, as I have relatives there, then Germany and Austria.

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