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ROW80 Week 6: Density

(As usual, here’s the link to other people’s check-ins.)

Reading Writing the Fiction Series is turning out to be more work than I thought. The exercises in the later chapters are forcing me to think seriously about how I want Conkers to work, and I’m not getting through them anywhere near as easily; I only finished another half a chapter or so this week.

It has been helping my writing progress, though; as well as two sonnets, I got inspired to write a new scene in the Conkers setting, and I had a good idea for how to link one of my villains in with the rest of the cast.

I also made good progress with Gormenghast; I’ve now only got 40 pages to go.

Good luck and happy writing!


5 responses to “ROW80 Week 6: Density”

  1. You seem to be doing well. I think the fact it might not be as easy means the book is definitely helping you out to see the missing pieces. I hope it help you lots out in the end and that your goes great.

  2. I started reading the Writing the Fiction Series a while back but never had a chance to do much with it. Your impressions make me think I should head back and give it a second look. :-) I hope it helps you find your way through the mirey bits of Conkers.

    • The book is certainly helping. I’m not sure how much of its advice I’ll end up using — partly because I’m not expecting Conkers will end up in print — but I’m aiming to give everything a try, and some of it seems to be working.

      • Sounds like a balanced perspective. Nothing says you have to “do all the things” either. Make the process work for you.

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