ROW80 Week 12: Compromise

(other ROW80 participants)

It’s become clear that the roleplaying group and writing Conkers are going to compete with each other.

I actually got a good bit of writing done this week — a few hundred words on Conkers, two sonnets, and over two thousand words on other projects. While I didn’t get any outlining done, I’m happy with the scenes I wrote instead.

However, it’s looking like my time this week will be taken up by preparation for roleplaying on Friday.

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The Witch at the World’s End

O wanderer, why tread you on this shore?
What fatal need has driven you this far?
What grand enchantment would you ask me for?
To truth I bind you: tell me who you are!

Some come replete with gifts the best to please,
Others afoot and clothed in pilgrim's grey;
A few come armed, with dreadnoughts on the seas.
But how you travelled won't change what I'll say.

You've proven you are brave, to journey here
Where what you knew's remote beyond remote.
So truly you believe, you've quelled your fear,
In hope I'll grant your wish and spare your throat.

I won't do both, but I will give you one:
Die here and now, and what you ask is done.

Week 11: Other Things

(Other ROW80 check-ins)

I spent most of this week preparing for a tabletop roleplaying game on Friday (think Dungeons and Dragons).

While I did plenty of writing — three sonnets, and did over a thousand words for the game — I didn’t make any progress on Conkers during the week. Over the weekend, I did manage to type up the outline from last week; but I haven’t done any expansion of it yet.

On the other hand, I met my reading goal, finishing A Murder is Announced.

Having just given up on another novel that didn’t manage to draw me in, I’m impressed at how Christie made all the characters and their relationships interesting right from the start, before the murder and investigation could be set up.

My goal for the remaining few days remains the same: expand on the Conkers outline.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 10: Onwards!

(Other writers’ ROW80 check-ins)

I’m pretty happy with my progress this week.

For one thing, I finished reading Titus Groan. The main thing that impressed me about it was the style of descriptions — Mervyn Peake uses vivid metaphorical descriptions, a bit like The Great Gatsby, but less abstract.

I spent most of the week on hobbies not listed here, which inspired two sonnets but not much progress on Conkers. It wasn’t until Sunday night that I actually sat down to work on it, but I did finish a high-level outline for it at that point.

That’s sorted out where the second draft is going; now I just need to put the time in to expand on it.

For this coming week, I’m aiming to expand on the outline, and read at least one book (as well as my standing word count/sonnets goal).

Good luck and happy writing!

The Collapse

Ten years the iron tower stood alone,
To spew its smoke and ash and earthy waste,
Scour the fields and flocks to sand and bone,
And make a Stygian vale of this place.

Today the band of heroes broke their fast
On liquid courage, liver, pep, and grit;
Now they will strive within the pillar vast,
And leave in triumph; or fall seeking it.

In time a team will come to match the test,
Pass every pitfall thirty stories hold,
Enraged and tired, meet the building's best,
And still succeed.

                  Then metal will unfold:
A rose of steel, cut by a master's hand,
Shown to perfection in a ruined land.

ROW80 Week 9: Conclusions

(Other ROW80 Week 9 check-ins)

I’ve finally finished reading Writing the Fiction Series! I don’t think it was quite the book I needed right now, but it will probably be helpful later on.

Most of the text relates to publication (marketing, working with publishers, and writing a series that can be commercially successful), which would probably be more useful to a working writer.

The discussion of series organisation did help me get to grips with Conkers, since I’m currently outlining the second draft; but I think I’ll want to read up more on the word-by-word details of fiction writing once I finish the outline.

I did also make some progress on that second draft this week: I’ve sorted out an outline I’m reasonably happy with for the first half or so of the book, and I re-wrote one of the climactic scenes to try to get a better idea of one of the main villains.

My other goals are going pretty well. I’m happy with that 700 words, and one sonnet, as my writing for this week; and I’ve read another 24 pages of Gormenghast.

With one goal for the round done, I’m declaring a new goal for these last few weeks:

  • Write up a complete outline for Draft 2 (of Conkers).

Good luck and happy writing!