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ROW80 Round 2 Summary: Forgotten Goals

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I’ve actually met almost all of my starting goals for this round, which makes me wonder if I couldn’t have done more:

Find, buy, and read at least one book on writing.
Done. I read Writing the Fiction Series, by Karen S. Wiesner.
Finish reading Titus Groan.
Finish reading Nineteen Eighty-Four
Done, in the very first week; it wasn’t really a whole-round goal.
Each week, write either two sonnets, or at least 500 words of prose.
Done, on average; I wrote 18 sonnets and 7,300 words of prose this round.
(If I get time) read all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets
Not done; I probably should have made this more of a priority when I finished the other books.
(Late addition) write an outline for Draft 2 of Conkers
Partially done — I have an outline, but it needs more expansion.

Week 12 Progress

I didn’t get anything further done in the last few days of the round; my time was taken up by watching things online and preparing for roleplaying on Friday (which turned out not to involve any writing).

On the bright side, I’m somewhat over-prepared for roleplaying; I only used about a quarter of what I had ready this week, so I have some breathing room before I need to write any more.


While I did meet the goals I posted this round, I think they were missing some important points. In particular, my preparations for the trip to Europe have barely advanced during this round, and things are starting to come due.

Also, while writing two sonnets a week has helped my poetry, I’m increasingly feeling that I need to deliberately read other poetry if I want to include my own. Since I can’t read poetry aloud at home (I live in a shared house), I will need to be creative about ways to do that.

My “commitment to reflection” these last few days has proven a flop. I still talked to myself just as much, and about the same things: technicalities of the setting, which will affect details in what I’m writing now, and help define the limits of the characters’ powers in the future.

I’m not entirely sure I want to blog about these, but they would probably benefit from being written down. I might be better off replacing the reflection goal with free writing once or twice a week, which may or may not end up being posted here.

Lots to ponder for my goals next round…

Good luck and happy writing!


One response to “ROW80 Round 2 Summary: Forgotten Goals”

  1. It sounds like you’ve got ideas to use, moving forward, and that’s a start.

    I do my freewriting at, and it definitely helps.

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