ROW80 Week 3: Afterwards

(Other ROW80 participants)

Partly because I was away, I haven’t made quite the progress I would have liked this week.

Write every day: While I got plenty of writing done at the conference, I didn’t keep up the pace once I got home; in the end, I only wrote five days out of seven.

Travel preparation: I did some more research, and made a start on making backup copies of all the documents I’ll need, but didn’t really finish anything.

However, most of the things I still have to do are appointments, which shouldn’t be difficult to get done now I’m back home.

Read a book every two weeks: I finished reading Prophecy’s Ruin, by Sam Bowring.

I wouldn’t say it was perfect — the miltary scenes, in particular, don’t quite ring true — but the premise kept me reading anyway. The symmetry of good and evil in fantasy is something that’s always intrigued me.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 2: Buzzing

(Other ROW80 participants)

I’m in the middle of a week’s worth of travelling. I spent the last three days at family events, and work’s sending me to an industry conference for most of next week.

It’s possible this will disrupt my writing goals, but I’m hoping the travel time will be pretty conducive to writing.

Being away wasn’t too much of an issue this week; while Friday only got a half-finished sonnet, I did do some writing on six days out of seven.

It did slow down my trip preparations a bit, but I got one more booking done today, so that’s still on target.

Good luck and happy writing!

The Overlooked

This is the beast that lurks within your dreams,
In every corner. Coiled, silent. Still.
It once took lives but now has had its fill
Of things that fade. It whets a blade and schemes.

In tubes and crevices its seeds are found:
These darkened dots we spot, and hoard, and weigh;
Keep in accounts with no intent to pay,
And seal in vaults. Such faults are fertile ground.

But we are safe, and what is sealed, is sealed.
We need not taste the things we would not be.
Made free of faults, our world is safely free,
Our, victory. The beast has left the field.

The world belongs to stone and tree and wave,
Its calm perfection ready for the grave.

ROW80 Week 1: As I Mean To Go On

I’m fairly happy with how I’ve started this round.

I only wrote five days this week — it took me until Wednesday to start writing, but from then on I was able to keep the pattern going.

The Europe trip got one piece of progress (booking accomodation in Hamburg; two more places to go). I would have liked to do more, but needing to clean house intervened; still, I did what I was aiming for.

Reading was the one thing I did in the first two days: Agatha Christie’s The Thirteen Problems. What most impressed me about the book was the variety of styles the individual short stories are told in, matching the character of each narrator.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Goals: Round 3, 2014

My focus for this round is organising my trip to Europe, since I’ll be leaving just after the round ends.

Rather than make sonnets, roleplaying stuff, and Conkers separate goals, I’m rolling them all into a commitment to write and read regularly.

My goals for this round are:

  • Check off at least one thing from my Europe checklist each week.
  • Write six days out of seven.
  • Read a book every two weeks.

I’m increasingly feeling that I’ll need more research for the second draft of Conkers; I’ll handle that by taking notes as I do the research, and counting them towards my writing goal.

Good luck and happy writing!

At the Inner Circle

Beyond the factories and trading towns,
Beyond the leaden wastes and silver sea,
Beyond the dukes and kings of petty crowns,
The land from whence the world is ruled must be.

There, forests echo nightingale airs.
There, cities brim with soul and solemn mind.
Within walls carved with every kingdom's cares
The palace stands; therein the law's defined.

The guard Imperial are knights unmatched,
The throne of Empire, carved from solid jade.
The Emperor sends, by falcon-swift dispatch,
Advice most wise to all deserving aid.

His world is ordered by a perfect mind,
While caves of ice keep heart and soul confined.