ROW80 Week 8: Elsewhere

(other participants)

I spent this weekend at a programming event, a “hackathon” which challenges you to write a useful program in two days. While I didn’t quite manage that, I did get a lot more done than I usually do over the weekend; the whole experience has got me reconsidering how I organise my writing time.

Beyond that, I just kept up with my usual goals: writing on five days, memorising poetry on five days, and writing Conkers (about 300 words).

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 7: Lightbulbs

(other participants)

This was a good week for inspiration.

While trying to focus on roleplaying preparation, I got distracted by a list of artifacts, which got me thinking about ways to make the setting I had prepared more atmospheric. I haven’t had the chance to use what I wrote yet, but it was certainly more enjoyable to write.

Looking at Conkers again, I realised I’ve been re-writing the same couple of scenes over and over, and avoiding the rest of the plot. To avoid that, I did what I probably should have done from the start — re-wrote with the draft in front of me, and avoided changing the bits that weren’t broken.

Overall, I wrote on at least five days this week, and memorised poetry on at least four. I’m pretty happy with that.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 6: Measured

This week has reminded me of the importance of working on goals first.

I did write on five days, and recite poems on as many, but I wasn’t as focussed as I was last week. Nor was it as much writing; I only got about 60 words written towards Conkers.

But I’m starting this week well rested, and with high hopes.

Good luck and happy writing!

Update: the linky is working, but I had my browser set up wrong and thought it was broken.

Building Blocks

Upon each stone, a face: a soul denied
And left to linger on this beach of lies,
That rings the turbid sea where kings reside.
This is the place a dream goes when it dies.

And huts and towers high each take a stone,
To rest beneath the basement, dark and sealed,
With all the things we'd rather leave unknown.
A stony beach becomes an empty field.

When next a roof is raised, and gods demand
The soul of one a monster newly named,
Who will be lost to honour the command?
Who live on knowing that a life was claimed?

In dreams I saw the place these stones are laid;
My waking mind forgets — or is afraid.

ROW80 Week 5: Hard to Measure

(other participants)

Despite my late start, this first week went well.

Since I joined the round on Tuesday, I went over the poems I’m memorising every day, and wrote on five of those six days. I’m pretty happy with my writing progress: about 400 words on Conkers, and another 600 on a different writing project.

Seeing as I was on leave until Wednesday, I probably could have done more than that. But I’ll wait until I’ve done a normal week before I change any goals.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 4: Joining Belatedly

(other ROW80 writers)

My ROW80 participation has been in hiatus while I was in Europe, hence the late goals post.

Regarding Europe: the most memorable part of the trip was probably the war memorials in Berlin. I feel like I should be talking about the enormity of the Holocaust, but it was the occupation of Poland that most frightened me.

New Goals

Since I’m still trying to keep up with the roleplaying group, I don’t want to aim too high this round; on the other hand, I really don’t want my other writing to stagnate.

Put time towards memorising poetry at least five days a week.
Iambic pentameter has become a bit of a rut for me; I can slip into it easily, even when I want to write something other than a sonnet. Hopefully learning poems in other styles will help me get around that.

Write at least 300 words on Conkers each week.
This gives me about half the time I was spending on Conkers spare to use for roleplaying stuff.

Write at least five days a week.
Reducing this since I couldn’t really keep up with the six-day goal.

Good luck and happy writing!

Moths to a Flame

"A hero died today." These words alone
Were posted on the door of Daltham's Inn.
That was enough to make the tale known,
So often has the news of late come in.

Once did the Dalthams serve a well-worn road
Where travellers, traders, priests and troops would pass,
And often stop to set aside their load;
To sleep, or dine, or sip an honest glass.

But now a dragon soars above these hills
And asks a toll that few but lords could pay.
With flesh of those too poor, its larder fills.
Now only fools and slayers come this way.

Today they lost the last they'd hoped could win;
Tomorrow, armed, the staff will leave the inn.