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ROW80 Week 10: Bearings

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This was a fairly busy week, mainly due to unexpected things at work.

Despite that, it was good for poetry; as well as reciting poems five days this week, I wrote five of my own, and made some progress editing one I’d given up on.

Conkers didn’t do quite so well; I only wrote 270 words of the 300 I was aiming for. However, I’ve had some insights into why I’m not getting anywhere:

I’ve mentioned that I keep re-writing the same scenes; but this week I realised I can’t actually tell if I’m improving them. And I feel as if the plan I’m trying to fit the story to is something my left brain assembled without consulting the rest of my mind, so the things I don’t understand, like characterisation, break when I try to jam them into the planned structure.

In light of this, I started looking for resources on editing. I spent a while reading a site called The Editor’s Blog last night, and it’s definitely helped me understand what to aim for in editing.

Rather than keep bashing my head at Conkers, this week my goal is to go over some of my older writing and try and understand the editing concepts.

Good luck and happy writing!


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