ROW80 Week 3: Ill or Well

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Writing-wise, I met all my goals this week: I wrote six days out of seven, edited my short story on two of those days, and I’ve worked on a few things I could use for an extra blog post.

However, I’m still sick. I am recovering, but not as quickly as I should be; probably because I’m not taking the time to rest.

For that reason, I’m letting my writing goals slide in favour of getting more rest and getting back to full health.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Week 2: Sick

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Last Friday was the first roleplaying night this round. I didn’t get any writing done that day because we finished late, leaving me with only five writing days this week.

I’m not convinced I can’t manage six yet, however. I was sick this week, and that won’t last all round; and more experience running roleplaying will make it easier to finish on time.

Editing was also a day short; I left it until the end of the week, then got distracted by other projects.

On the other hand, last week’s plot hole is resolved; and I’m on track with my blogging goal, having posted a mini-review on Sunday.

Good luck and happy writing!

On reading Little Women

This week I read Part 1 (“Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy”) of Little Women, by Louisa May Alcott.

I mistakenly thought I’d read it before (it might have been the second part), so the seriousness and preachiness of the opening surprised me. Once I got past that, the book was quite engaging.

The moral points were actually a big part of that. A few of them felt very relevant to my situation, which I hadn’t expected. Others reminded me just how much has changed in the past 146 years.

Even those were interesting, though, especially the way Jo conforms to a culture she personally disagrees with.

I’m a bit ashamed that that surprised me, but it will definitely inform how I handle things in Conkers.

— Isikyus

For Good And Ill

Let temple bells ring rich and terrible,
In joy that we are safe, and grim farewell.
Life valourous, but death contemptible!
We lay in state a corpse of fame grown fell.

Here full has flared a courage past compare:
To plumb the depths arcane, and chance the pit,
In halls most fey, to game with subtle wit,
To taunt the angels demons would not dare.

Here ends the path ambition's seeds begun:
A youth naïve has claimed an epic soul,
A pauper has a hero's weapons won,
And riches honour earned, become a goal.

The hero spoke; aghast the cities stand,
Who learned the world was cracked at her command.

ROW80 Week 1: Close Enough

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Last week made a good start to the round.

I spent some time looking over and re-writing my short story, and noticed a rather large plot hole. It’s not fixed yet, but at least I know it’s there to fix.

Writing only got five days in Week 1, plus a few notes. I’m not quite meeting my goal (six days out of seven), but I am pretty happy with what I wrote on those five days.

That leaves a blog post, which isn’t done. However, this goal did get me working on a few old projects again. And it’s not due until next week, anyway.

Good luck and happy writing!

ROW80 Goals — Round 1 2015

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My central goal this round is to blog more — partly because my ROW80 check-ins have shrunk quite a bit since I stopped having reading goals, and partly because I have a few projects quite close to being postable.

Firstly, in place of my WIP (Conkers) I’m aiming to edit a related short story (at least two days each week), with the aim of putting it online some time this round.

Secondly, I want to post something beyond my normal schedule every two weeks; that might be here, or on Calculating Dreams. At the very least, I know I can manage to read a book every two weeks.

Thirdly, I’m aiming to write (or edit) on six days each week. Roleplaying might interfere with this, but I’ll aim high for now.

Good luck and happy writing!

Once, there had never been a silver sea,
No empire of heroes, nor a mage;
No reigning kings nor rogues of fantasy.
Such things lived in the screen or on the stage.

Then came the day when demon knights arose,
And beasts of mythic might came forth to feed.
Who else but legends could such things oppose?
We learned the heroes' arts, and claimed their creed:

"The higher heights and deeper depths to plumb;
Of arts arcane and engines strange to learn;
To do the deeds that leave mundanes struck dumb;
To live a shorter, but more worthy term."

The legends false and ancient fade away,
Now heroes true and living rule the day.