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ROW80 Week 2: Sick

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Last Friday was the first roleplaying night this round. I didn’t get any writing done that day because we finished late, leaving me with only five writing days this week.

I’m not convinced I can’t manage six yet, however. I was sick this week, and that won’t last all round; and more experience running roleplaying will make it easier to finish on time.

Editing was also a day short; I left it until the end of the week, then got distracted by other projects.

On the other hand, last week’s plot hole is resolved; and I’m on track with my blogging goal, having posted a mini-review on Sunday.

Good luck and happy writing!


2 responses to “ROW80 Week 2: Sick”

  1. I am intrigued – what do you role-play?

    And remember, everything imaginative feeds the Muse :)

    • I’m in a Pathfinder (a variant of Dungeons & Dragons) group that meets every two weeks.

      You’re right about feeding the muse; I need to think of it as practice, rather than a distraction. :-)

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