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ROW80 Week 7: Dilemma

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Editing was my most successful goal this week. The first draft of my short story had a very long and rambling lead-in, which I’ve managed to shorten quite a bit.

Reading it aloud definitely helped. I’ve had a few people suggest I should do this, but I usually avoid it for fear of annoying other people in the house.

For now, I’m compromising by reading quietly.

I also spent some time reading, but wrote on only five days out of seven.

Good luck and happy writing!


2 responses to “ROW80 Week 7: Dilemma”

  1. I generally read aloud now. It’s made a huge difference, especially in the later stages of editing. I often invite other family members to listen, which is a little scary – but very beneficial, since they have different ears and sensibilities than I have.

    While reading your post, I had a new idea. With my current story, I’m going to read it aloud into my phone, then play it back – with headphones, and without. That might give me different perspectives on it.

    Hooray for the progress you’ve made. =)

    It’s rec

    • Recording the story and playing it back sounds like a good idea.

      I’ve used a voice recorder occasionally for poetry, but not usually for editing.

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