ROW80 Round Summary — Round 1 2015

(other ROW80 participants)

I worked on a lot this round, but didn’t quite finish anything:


My main aim was to edit and post a short story. It isn’t ready yet, but it’s a lot further along now; and the attempt has been educational.

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ROW80 Week 11: Learning

(other Round of Words in 80 Days participants)

Last week started well, but I didn’t keep up the pace.

I wrote every day from Monday to Friday — including three days editing my short story — then got nothing further done over the weekend.

That said, I enjoyed what I did get done. Coming back to the story daily helped a lot with staying focused on finishing the draft, rather than randomly redoing things.

I doubt I’ll post the story before Thursday, when this round ends.

Even if I haven’t met that goal, though, the attempt seems to have helped my editing skills. I’m feeling a lot more confident about being able to post a short story than I did at the start of the round.

Good luck and happy writing.

ROW80 Week 10: Not Enough

(other ROW80 participants)

This was a productive week, but not in the way I’d hoped. We had a house inspection on Friday and spent most of the week preparing.

The house is now much clearer, but it hasn’t helped my writing. :-)

Although I caught up on the short story on Saturday and Sunday, I didn’t quite meet my general writing goal — only five days this week.

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To a Non-Player Character

Why should I say all this was made for you?
You mortal thing who'll die, and dead remain,
Or live in place, and ever and again
Repeat a script to comers old and new?

Can you not see the carpentry and paste?
The paths so anxious for a quester's tread,
The purpose writ so clear around your head,
The walls that stand to hide a empty waste?

You know your life takes form before my eye?
You blindly bear a purpose and a name,
Survive as toy or kiosk, or else die
in joyless sport, a token of the game.

And in a game, perhaps I'd fight to slay...
I hope that changes when I turn away.

ROW80 Week 9: Reading

(other participants)

I was on holiday this week.

As usual, my plans to get lots of writing done didn’t pan out: I only wrote on five days, and only one of those sessions was work on my short story.

However, this was a good week for taking in other media. I watched Faust (the opera), and read Sheepfarmer’s Daughter, by Elizabeth Moon (the first book of The Deed of Paksenarrion).

Elizabeth Moon’s descriptions are very detailed, without feeling at all wordy. I’m half-considering re-reading the book to try and understand how she achieves it.

Good luck and happy writing!

Neutral Ground

Within this place, my songs will bear no fruit.
Here heroes fade, and dragons choke on flames;
Here conjurers and demons own no names,
And all the wizards of the world are moot.

To once fall here means no new chance to rise.
Though all the world did echo with the name,
Though deeds were done that won immortal fame,
The Fates would still repeat the same replies.

Here every power breaks, and legends pause.
The lords of Light and Dark stand side by side,
Their solemn paladins forget their pride,
And, faced with fatal risk, make common cause.

Here, Doom and Destiny maintain no sway,
And only mortal minds can choose the way.

ROW80 Week 8: Measurable

(other participants)

This week I realised what my villain’s motive was, and started re-writing accordingly. As well as making more sense, the new draft lets me do away with most of the exposition-heavy intro I had before.

It definitely feels like the editing I’ve been doing is getting somewhere. :-)

However, I’ve still got to update the rest of the story to fit the changes. Provided I keep up my two days of editing a week, I should just about finish that this round.

As to my other goals: I wrote every day this week, but I’m behind on a blog post, which I let slide to focus on the short story.

Good luck and happy writing!