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ROW80 Round Summary — Round 1 2015

(other ROW80 participants)

I worked on a lot this round, but didn’t quite finish anything:


My main aim was to edit and post a short story. It isn’t ready yet, but it’s a lot further along now; and the attempt has been educational.

I also aimed to post six extra things, either standalone or as part of check-ins. This was only two-thirds successful, but it did get me working on several side projects that I may post at some point.

It also got me reading more physical books, which is nice.

Finally, I aimed to work on something writing-related at least six days a week. I managed an average of about five and a half (including four sonnets this week). Not quite there, but it’s something I’ll keep aiming for.

Closing Thoughts

Editing two days each week didn’t seem to work. Rushing to finish with two weeks to go didn’t either — but I was more productive when I started with the last day’s editing still fresh in my mind.

I’m wondering if I should have set longer-term goals (say, “finish first draft by February”), finished them in one or two focussed weeks, and then taking a break from editing for the rest of the month.

Of course, I could still get interrupted by something (as I did this round), but it might be worth a try.

Good luck and happy writing!


3 responses to “ROW80 Round Summary — Round 1 2015”

  1. Were your goals specific? Something like edit a chapter per check-in or every day or every two days vs edit the whole thing by the end of the round. Were they legitimately attainable given other things in your life? Maybe a buffer of time for the unexpected would help.

    • My specific goal was to work on editing it two days a week. Aiming to do a certain amount a week would probably be better; I wasn’t sure how to measure that at the start of the round, but I’ve got some ideas now.

      Regarding attainability: I think so. I did come close, and I got plenty of other writing done.

      I’ll need to do some thinking about how I set my goals for next round.

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