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ROW80 Week 11: For Now

(other ROW80 participants)

With the end of the round approaching, I’m wondering what happened to the goal I set six months ago (edit and post a short story).

My progress this week was good — five writing days, including two new short stories — but I still don’t have anything ready to post here.

As such, I’m adjusting my goal slightly: I’ll aim to spend two evenings this week editing one of the stories I have, and then ask the opinion of some friends when I see them on Friday.

Good luck and happy writing!


2 responses to “ROW80 Week 11: For Now”

  1. good luck with editing a story. I find getting the writing in the easy part. Settling down to edit can be more difficult. 5 writing days is great though!

  2. Yeah editing is a pain in the rump, a necessary evil, and a bitter mistress, but a beautiful and loving one when she’s in a good mood. Here’s to the good days to come!!

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