Jenkins Rising

Hiatus Announcement Sonnet

I lack a poem to post for you today.

A year ago, I wrote them once a week.
Half I put here. The rest I hid away,
Because I saw the words I wrote were weak.

Of late, I write in prose, or not at all;
And every sonnet I prepare, I post.
This means, of course, I've let my standards fall.
On shrinking stock of failed work, I coast.

That said, you need not fear this blog will end.
I'm in A Round of Words, and that won't change.
The things that I complete, I still intend
to post — though what, and when, will likely change.

I've scheduled no more sonnets past this day;
I still have verse to write, and things to say.

What This Means

I’ve realised I’m not writing enough sonnets any more to post two a month, so I’m officially putting them on hiatus. They will come back when (or if) I start writing them again.

I haven’t stopped writing in general, and I’ll most likely post more poems (and/or prose fiction) in future; but I’m not making any definite commitments just yet.

In any case, I’ll keep posting weekly ROW80 check-ins.


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