Round 3 2015: Everything But

(other ROW80 participants)

The Last Week

My main focus last week was the house that was up for auction. I managed to get all my investigating done in time, turned up to the auction on Saturday fully prepared — and saw the house sell for well over what I was willing to pay.

Not that the week was totally unproductive: I’m now much better prepared for the right house when it appears.

I did write a couple of things, too: one poem, plus an outline for the start of Conkers, which looks like it might resolve one of the scenes I was stuck on.

The Round

This has been a good round for beginnings in general. For one thing, I’ve begun searching for a house in earnest.

And while I ended up abandoning my goal of drafting short stories, a lot of my other failed attempts are potentially useful first scenes.

My other goal (reading) went acceptably well: I read four books this round, as against a goal of six.

The Future

With all these beginnings, it would make sense to aim to finish some things next round.

However, that may have to wait until I’ve sorted out my relationship with this blog. I really don’t want to stop posting here, or to stop writing; but my posts have become very perfunctory, and I need to figure out how to reinvigorate my interest in it.

Good luck and happy writing!


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