ROW80 Week 1: Piece by Piece

(other ROW80 participants)

My main goal this month is to finish a Pathfinder adventure. So far I’ve drawn up an outline, and drafted about nine of 32 scenes (1,700 words).

That’s taken three of my planned ten evenings, so I should have a first draft ready by deadline — and that may be all I need.
(Like a speech, an adventure has to adapt its details for its audience.)

Some details, though, do need to be filled in at the start: for instance, I need to know the dangers of a quest to set the reward.

Previously, I’ve done these once I had all the creative parts finished. But it looks like that may delay things too much, so this time I’m going to try writing a budget for the danger in advance.

As for my other goals: it’s been a quiet week.

I did spend a bit of time looking into holiday options, but I haven’t collected enough information yet to make final decisions. I’m also now planning a weekend trip in January, which may push other plans further back.

Good luck and happy writing!

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