ROW80 Week 2: Up to Speed

(other ROW80 participants)

I spent four evenings this week on my roleplaying preparation.

Half of that was writing, half planning monsters and treasure. So far there’s more treasure than there should be, which I’ll aim to correct this week.

I also finished two poems this week, and wrote some notes on another idea. It’s great to be writing regularly again!

Other Goals

House-hunting had its share of time. I’ve looked at two houses, and I’m seeing a third tomorrow.

So did holiday planning: I’m now heading to a roleplaying convention next weekend. Not quite the holiday I anticipated, but still good.

Good luck and happy writing!

One thought on “ROW80 Week 2: Up to Speed

  1. Steph Beth Nickel's Blog says:

    I love how ROW80 is for writers of all kinds of things. Kudos on writing regularly. Have a great time at the convention. And, of course, all the best with house-hunting.

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