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ROW80 Weeks 3 and 4

(other ROW80 participants)

Last week saw progress with my Pathfinder project (it turns out I can just make up some of the numbers I needed), and a bit more house-hunting (I’m taking a second look at one tomorrow).

Here’s how I went on my January goals:

  • Finish writing up an adventure for the roleplaying group, by working on it for at least ten evenings. This will be my main focus this month.

    I spent 9 evenings on this. The adventure isn’t finished, but I’ve got enough to start with. The rest of this goal will carry over to February.

  • Find some programming events I could go to. There are two organisations that run events within driving distance; I expect it will take an evening to research each.

    I looked into one organisation, and found one event. Unfortunately, it’s far enough away that I can’t get to it without time off, so I’ll have to discuss it with work.

  • Re-read Pride and Prejudice and start on a story for the writing challenge. I’d like to get 2,000 words done on this by February, which should take four or five evenings.

    No time put into this, and consequently no significant progress. I’m setting this goal aside for now.

  • Get started on holiday plans, by spending a (weekend) day or so finding possible destinations.

    Counting this as a success; I got a bit of research done, then went away for a weekend somewhere else.

My new goals for February:

  • Finish the rest of the Pathfinder adventure (probably another 10 evenings).
  • Properly investigate buying this house. I expect it will take me 6 to 8 appointments to be sure nothing’s wrong (unless I find a problem early on).

I may get some work done on other things, but I don’t think I can properly commit to another project until I finish the Pathfinder one.

Good luck and happy writing!


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