ROW80 Summary: Round 1 2016

(other ROW80 participants)

TODO: include stats for last week (need to check from notebook)

I wrote some words in Week 12 — but I then got caught up in Easter and forgot how many.

The house is still plodding along. I freaked out on Thursday when I thought I wouldn’t get the loan approval on time, but it turns out the deadline was bogus. There’s no stress, just another week to wait.

Here’s how I went on my goals from the start of the year:

  • Make programming a proper part of my goals. ROW80 being a round of words, I’ve tended to exclude (and hence ignore) my programming projects. Didn’t happen. I did do some programming, but it never got onto my goal list.
  • Communicate more with my fellow writers (and programmers). Living in a small town, it’s easy to neglect this. Some progress. I got to one meeting of the local writers’ group, and I’m planning on going to a Hackathon (programming event) in April.
  • Prepare for Pathfinder (roleplaying) starting again in February; it’s my turn to run this again. I’ve got some preparation done already, but it will need adjusting for where the game ended up. Each game requires more prep. I’m trying to improvise more to reduce this workload.
  • Participate in my family’s impromptu writing competition (write a love story). This might not produce a good story, but it’s a good chance to write as part of a group. Some progress. I had an idea for this, and wrote about 600 words
  • Lastly, I’ve been considering taking a holiday in February or March, if the situation at work is stable enough to allow it. I went away for a weekend in January, and I’m still planning some sort of holiday in April — although I may spend some of that time moving house.

Which brings me to one not-quite goal:

I am also still looking for a house (indeed, I should be inspecting one this week), but I’m reluctant to make this a goal, since it depends so much on what is there to buy. Significant progress. I haven’t bought this house yet, but almost all that remains is paperwork (plus actually moving in!).

Good luck and happy writing!

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